"Life in the West" Collection

I've been working on a new collection called, "Life in the West". It is a medallion-style quilt. This means that there is a center block where you build blocks or strips around that center block. Each block must fit exactly or they won't line up properly. It is one of the more challenging styles of quilts. There is also way more math that goes into it too. Since the finished blocks have to fit perfectly along the edge. Thankfully, Ben can help me when I'm in a bind. 

All of the blocks that I chose are from one of my favorite designers, Lori Holt. I have chosen blocks that have significance to the life we lived while living 9 years in WA state. 


many quilt blocks of homesteading like chicks, flowers, and fruit.

-The chicken/rooster represents the chickens we had on our 1/4 acre


-The 5 baby chicks represent our children.

-The cat and crow blocks were part of our gardening adventures

-The canning and bread-making blocks represent our desire to be prepared and live an old-fashioned way of life. 

-The fruit blocks were for all the fruit trees we grew. 

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