Creating "Out of Darkness"

This vision of darkness surrounding kept playing around in my head for months, but it wasn't just the darkness. It was the two birds that had their wings flying upward and out of the darkness, in this lap size quilt, too.

half square triangles getting ready to become a quilt block


Putting together the half square triangles into a quilt block

 I chose quilt blocks that had a chaos feel to them as well as the "black on black" fabrics, to further the idea that darkness can include feelings of disorder, brokenness, and confusion. 

foundation paper pieced bird for a quilt block

 The pink and blue birds are designed by foundation paper piecing. This technique uses paper that has lines on it for the shape of the bird. The shapes have to be cut out and then sewn onto the paper to create the design. It can be a bit tricky to sew but with time it gets a little bit easier to put together. 

 foundation paper pieced blue bird for a quilt block

 Out of Darkness lap quilt, two birds flying upward out of the black on black fabrics

I decided the top quilting would be hand quilted. The variegated purple thread looks like rain from a distance. The way the blocks are placed look as though there is a ray of light coming down from the upper right-hand corner. 

Out of Darkness lap quilt, two birds flying upward out of the darkness

The inside batting has a warm-heavy weight cotton/wool batting with a batting and binding of a deep dark purple. 

Tag of out of Darkness quilt, two birds flying upward out of the black on black fabric

I hope that whatever you might be going through, despite the darkness that is surrounding you, that you too can fly out of the darkness too. 

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  • Joan

    Really enjoyed the description of and creation of your “Out of Darkness” quilt!!!
    Congratulations on being featured in the “Go Solo” online magazine!!!! Be strong and continue on.
    Love the picture featured in the magazine among the cotton fields. So appropriate per fabric coming from the cotton. I do love the time of year when the beautiful cotton fields are ready to be harvested.

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