Cabin in the Woods

This scrappy style quilt uses a traditional pattern called the log cabin block. I really love how the bold colors of blues or pinks change from light to dark. It was so much fun using low volume white print fabrics to create this child’s quilt. The center, fussy cut animal prints are so cute too! They were individually cut out- each one selected for variation.  I think my favorite block is the mother duck with her little ducklings as it reflects my own 5 little children. The backing is a sold pink or blue. 

The top quilting is a simple echo of the logs. I love the simplicity of it. Sometimes the best form of top quilting is a simple pattern. It is truly pleasing to the eye.

Pink and White print fabrics with center baby animals created into a patchwork baby sized Quilt

The batting is a warm, yet lightweight cotton/polyester blend for the baby size. The crib size has a warmer, heavy weight cotton/wool blend to minimize the amount of blankets needed in their bed.

I really love the size of the baby quilt (27"x 30") because it is perfect for so many things while the baby is still teeny tiny. It can be used for swings, strollers, car-seats, and parent-baby snuggles. 

The crib size is perfect for toddlers and small children. I love how it fits perfectly in the crib so there isn’t too much bulk in their little beds.

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