How I Use the Baby Size Quilt

The baby size quilt is one of my favorite size quilts. I love that a super special quilt can be used right away for teeny tiny babies. (Most quilt patterns are designed for crib beds and it is just too big to use for a little one.) 

log cabin block with blues and whites and little baby animal centers

When I was designing this quilt I knew that I wanted it small enough for a newborn to use. Some of my favorite ways to use this size quilt are:

A baby sitting in a stroller with a blue quilt with white thread hand quilting of baptist fan designs

in a stroller

Baby in a swing snuggled in a small rainbow pastel colored quilt

in a car seat or swing,

Baby laying on a small blue and white quilt

 on the floor for playtime,
Snuggles with a baby with a pink and white log cabin block baby-sized quilt

or parent-baby snuggles.

comparison of the baby size and crib size Classic nine patch pink and white quilts

It measures around 30"x 30" depending on the pattern. This picture is next to the crib size for reference. 

This would make a great gift for new moms and dads. I love that depending on the color it could be passed down to each additional baby. They are truly a beautiful heirloom to be passed down. 

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