Quilt Details

Every quilt is handmade in the USA with a Fair Wage, meaning that with each purchase you are supporting local artists.

It is designed for Beauty and Functionality in its size, usage, and care. This includes:

  • only using high quality Cotton, Organic Cotton, or Cotton-Linen Quilting Fabric
  • 3-Ply Thread,
  • and a machine top-stitched Double Binding which provides added strength increasing durability and quilt life.

It is Machine Washable so that it is easy to care for when 'life' happens. 

A fabric product tag sewn into the binding contains care directions, and is signed by the artist who made it.

Your quilt comes with a Care Card containing complete instructions for washing, drying, and storing your quilt.

  • For convenience, the card has a Magnetic Backing, so it can be placed on the washer rather than lost in the 'drawer of manuals' or worse - accidentally thrown out!

color catcher accompanies the quilt to be included in the first washing, preventing color bleed from darker fabrics into lighter ones.

When not in use, the provided Storage Bag will protect your quilt, ensuring a long life.

The quilt comes packaged with several layers of protection -

  • first, a zip-sealed plastic bag for added peace of mind during shipping,
  • then the storage bag,
  • and finally a beautifully designed box for a Delightful unboxing experience.

The optional Embroidered Personalized Tag offers the opportunity to create a gift that will be cherished.

And to top it all off, we stand behind every quilt with our best-in-industry return policy 30 Day Fully Refundable returns, or 365 Day Store Credit returns , if you are unhappy with your quilt for ANY reason.