Size Comparisons

The chart below shows the approximate dimensions for each quilt size. The image depicts each size relative to the others.



Baby Size  27in x 30in (69cm x 76cm)
Crib Size 30in x 42in (76cm x 107cm)
Lap Size 45in x 60in (114cm x 152cm)
Twin Size 66in x 88in (168cm x 224cm)
Queen Size 88in x 88in (224cm x 224cm)
King Size 108in x 108in (274cm x 274cm)

*Dimensions are approximate. Individual quilt dimensions may vary.

Delightfully Quilted Size Comparisons for Baby, Crib, Lap, Twin, Queen, and King Sizes

Don't see your size listed, wondering about the difference between baby and crib size, or just want to know more about how we picked these dimensions? Scroll down the page to see a detailed description for each size!