Creator & Quilter
MAria Fisher

Hi, I'm Maria Fisher - the creator and quilter behind Delightfully Quilted.

I never quite fit in. As a kid, I preferred talking to the ladies that visited my mom's hair salon rather than my peers. As a teenager, I took ballroom dance lessons and attended dances where I was the youngest person in the room (by far). I loved the slowness of small-town life- gardening, front porches, and quilts.

And while I adopted the traditional role of a homeschooling mom to my 5 kids - a role I highly value - I also didn't want to be boxed in by all the traditional expectations and found that I still don't completely fit with my peers. I am entrepreneurial, creative, and like to do hard things.

So, the idea for Delightfully Quilted was born
from a desire to combine my passions for creativity and entrepreneurship. And my quilts reflect my internal dichotomy – traditional quilt blocks but made with a modern flair of bold, bright colors, designed to bring joy and tranquility to a space.