Founder & Quilter
MAria Fisher

Quilts were a common sight in my childhood. Growing up in a home in rural Pennsylvania that was also my mom's hair salon meant I was surrounded by a generation of people who quilted.

My own love of sewing started at a young age, and at 18 years old I made my first quilt. It was hand-pieced and hand-sewn and took two years to complete. It was the quilt I made as a wedding gift for my husband, whoever that would be. I joyfully presented it to Ben after we married in 2010. Since then I have created quilts for all 5 of my children.

I also devoted nearly 600 hours towards building my skill as a quilter, finishing 30+ quilt top projects from Harriett and Carrie Hargrave's "Quilter's Academy." It was through these projects that I really learned the skills needed to create accurately pieced quilts. I also learned how to use color placement and pattern variations to create visual appeal in the quilt.

I'm a Christian lover of gardening, hiking, baking sourdough bread and love old fashioned ways. I believe God has given me the gifts, passions, and experiences that led me to create Delightfully Quilted as a way of serving people who love the beauty of hand-made quilts.