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Heirloom Quilts | Made in Virginia, USA

A Woman on a Mission
Maria Fisher -Quilt Artist

I love to create quilts with a joyful yet tranquil feel to them.

During hard days as a Mom of 5, I find joy in the gazing upon the beauty of quilts, and looking forward to a peaceful end of a long day wrapped in one.

My mission is to use my gifts so they can do the same for you.

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A Perfect Gift

"I bought this quilt for my granddaughter and am so pleased with the quality of work and the materials used.... This quilt will be cherished for many years."


"The colors and patterns in my quilt are so uniquely chosen. I have an overhead light shining down on it to bring out the quilting, it is gorgeous."


I love my quilt! It's all the things I was looking for, soft, warm, and comfortable, yet sturdy and washes beautifully. The stitching and fabric details are incredible and the "little things" like the label, packaging, and washing instructions are lovely additions. It will be treasured for many, many years!"


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