Making "Decisions"

Sometimes in life, we are faced with two very large choices: whether or not to marry someone, whether or not to take this job or that job, to start a family now or later, to pursue a dream, or to wait. Sometimes it can be challenging to make the right decision, especially when both could be bad/hard outcomes. 

I have found one thing to be true. God helps us to know the right decision in our hearts by his peace. 

cotton/linen fabric cut to create a finished square

For this quilt, I decided to use a more calming color palette. It has a natural background with bursts of orange, rust/deep red, and seafoam green. I used a mixture of cotton/linen, 100% cotton, and some hand-dyed linen from a local artisan. 

The pattern is an enlarged traditional block called a "Whirling Five Patch". It is a bit larger than most of my laps at a generous size of 67"x67".

I used 100% organic cotton on the inside to give the quilt a different drape and squish, plus I love all things organic. 

The backing is a cotton/linen blend that feels really amazing and will only get better with time and being washed. 

putting together the "Decisions" quilt

I decided that the top quilting would be by hand. I love the look and feel of hand quilts, so I decided that this would be the right fit for the materials I used. 

Maria hand sewing a quilt

This quilt would be the perfect gift for someone you love (or yourself) that really loves a more neutral color palette and the soft drape of cotton/linen. 

muted colors of a large square lap quilt

Keep watch for when this quilt will become available. 

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