Baby Clothes Quilt

"Could you make a quilt out of my children's baby clothes?" 

A dear friend of mine reached out recently to create a quilt out of her two daughter's baby clothes. She wanted the clothes to be made into a baby-sized quilt that she would give to her girls once they were older and had their own families. 

I started out cutting the fabric away from the seams so it would be flat to cut into blocks. Once that was complete, I figured out how many of each fabric I wanted in the quilt so that the colors would look great together. I also saved fun parts of the clothes to add to the quilt like bottom ruffles, special phrases, buttons, and other fun parts of the clothing. 

Maria Fisher from Delightfully Quilted, is cutting squares out of baby clothes for a baby quilt

Once I cut all those out, I ironed the stabilizer to the backing to give it strength while sewing since a lot of the fabrics are stretch knit. 

Maria Fisher is ironing stabilizer to the back of the baby clothes for the baby quilt

Once I sewed it, I did a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch for added strength since stretchy fabrics can pull apart if not sewn properly. I could have also used my Serger to get the same results, but my serger is old and doesn't cooperate very well. I also made sure to use a stretch knit needle. Since that can cause breakage of the threads too.
As I finished up the top quilt, I decided on simple top quilting lines with a soft yellow thread. I used a white backing with yellow dots, which was also used for the binding as well. The inside is an organic cotton batting, which I love for its soft drape and squishy feel. I also created an embroidered tag that said their names, date of birth, and love Mom and Dad. 
Maria Fisher's finished baby clothes, baby quilt
I truly love how they turned out! They are going to be such a sweet gift to the girls when they are older. 
baby clothes baby quilt from Delightfully Quilted
Picture of the baby clothes baby quilt with its tag and backing
Would you like to do something like this with your baby's clothes? Click here to get started. Simply type your inquiry in the contact form.

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  • Geraldine Dias

    I would love you if you could make my baby clothes into memory quilt

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