Hermitage Handmade Festival 2023

On Sept 16, 2023 I was at the Hermitage Handmade Festival in Norfolk, VA. I loaded my van the day before, which always takes all day long. I set out early on Saturday morning to get there for the 9am set up time. It usually takes about an hour for me to drive to most places since I live in the country. 
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted at the Hermitage Show
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted at the Hermitage Handmade Festival 2023
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted Hermitage Handmade Festival 2023
This particular set-up was a bit more nerve-wracking than normal because I forgot the bolts and screws to the bed frame! 😬🫢 Thankfully, I don’t need to have it support anyone laying on it so it stayed up
just fine. I’m so happy it didn’t fall over or anything during the show! 
It was such a great turn-out and the weather was perfect! I sold a few quilts and made so many connections. What do you think of my booth? 

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