"Hope" Bed Size Quilt

The "Hope" bed quilt was created using a solid piece of fabric as opposed to my normal quilts that are pieced. I wanted to create a quilt that was less busy and more of the focus on the top quilting. It is exactly what I was planning for. 
Maria Fisher from Delightfully Quilted hand quilting a blue quilt with floral backing
I set up my ironing board for the hand quilting. I really have enjoyed hand quilting and plan of getting a quilting frame. Since it is a bed size quilt I wanted something that could be held tight by rolling the top part of the quilt. 
I chose a shiny, heavy weight thread in a magenta color for the top quilting. I decided on arches for the design pattern. It wasn't until afterwards that I realized the symbolism in a rainbow. The promise of hope.
Maria Fisher from Delightfully Quilted hand quilting set-up on a ironing board
I am drawn to floral patterned fabrics in my quilts and felt that a backing with one of this print would be really stunning. So I also used that as a binding as well. I love how flowers are also full of hope as well. They die back after their time of beauty but a lot of them return once again the next year bringing hope to those who partake of their beauty. But really any flower sparks that picture of beauty and hope for the future. Despite what awfulness could be happening in the world it is the simplicity of the flower that reminds us of the beauty that is present to us. 
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted showing the pink floral binding for "Hope" quilt
Maria sewing the floral binding to the blue top quilt
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted signing the finished quilt on the machine embroidered tag
As always my signed tag is apart of the final step in the completion of a quilt. Such a great feeling to have another one finished and ready to share with the world.
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted's details of the pink and white floral binding and batting of the Hope bed quilt
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted's up close look at the pink thread top quilting on the blue indigo quilt
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted's up close look at the top quilting of the blue indigo bed quilt
Maria Fisher/Delightfully Quilted's blue, indigo quilt called, Hope, displayed in a master bedroom setting
If you want a subtle way to add a beauty to your bedroom, consider the "Hope" bed quilt. It is neutral enough to appease the husband but beautiful enough on the other side to truly bring joy to those who lay under it.
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