This page will walk through:

  • Washing your Quilt

  • Drying your Quilt, and

  • Storing your Quilt for extended periods.

Quilts are an investment. And, like any physical product you invest in, quilts need to be cared for.

That's what this page is all about - the information you need to make sure your quilt lasts as a beautiful heirloom for many years to come.

Washing your Quilt

Washing your quilt can be intimidating. But because our quilts are made from high quality fabrics, batting, and thread, and created using techniques to improve strength and durability, washing your quilt is easy.

All our quilts are machine washable. Washing should be done with cold water and the 'Delicates' cycle for your washing machine. If your machine has settings for "Spin" and/or "Soil" specify "Light" for both options. Use a detergent or laundry soap that is suitable for delicates and free from bleach or softeners.

A color catcher is recommended for the first washing (and one is included with your quilt's packaging). While the quilt should be colorfast after the first washing, you may choose to use a color catcher if you have any concern about color bleed.

After the first washing, a couple things will happen:

The first is that the quilt will take on a more crinkled look that will emphasize the top quilting. This is especially the case with 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton quilts, or quilts using a cotton-linen outer fabric.

The second is that the quilt may shrink 1-3%. This will be more likely for quilts with cotton-wool batting.

If the quilt gets heavily soiled, don't worry - it can handle being washed on a normal cycle with cold water.

NEVER dry clean your quilt.

Magnetic Quilt Care Card

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Not sure how to care for your quilt?
Worried your friend won't know how to care for their new quilt you gave them?
And how do you go about storing a quilt?

This 4”x6” MAGNETIC Quilt Care Card makes caring for your quilt quick and easy.

As a Mom to 5 kids, I know what a quilt can go through. To care for my quilts, I researched and tested the techniques of caring for a quilt. I developed this magnet card to compile them for easy reference.

Made from a flexible magnetic laminate, this care card won't be bothered by soap or water, meaning you can leave it in the laundry room in plain sight.

Simply place it on your washer and it's ready to go!

Complete directions for:
-Washing your quilt (including first washing)
-Drying your quilt
-How to store it long-term
Great to use with gifting quilts!
Magnetic Quilt Care Card
Magnetic Quilt Care Card
Magnetic Quilt Care Card
Magnetic Quilt Care Card


You may air or line dry your quilt out of direct sunlight, or you may machine dry on low heat. Adding a dry towel with the quilt may shorten the dry time.

Storing your Quilt

When it is necessary to store your quilt for an extended period of time we recommend storing your quilt in a cotton storage bag. The fabric bag your quilt came in is intended for this purpose, but even a good quality cotton pillowcase can be used. Fold the quilt to fit, and place it in the bag.

Keep the bag in a location that will be reasonably protected, such as a closet. We don't recommend storing your quilt in an unconditioned space such as an attic, basement, or garage.

Bring the quilt out once a year to breathe - hang out of direct sunlight, or in your home for a day, then re-fold and store your quilt.

These storage practices will ensure that your quilt preserves it's durability and beauty for many years.

Protect your Quilt in a
handmade storage bag

Switching out your quilt? Moving? Kids outgrow their truck quilt? Any time you need to put the quilt away, we make it as painless as possible to do just that. Each quilt comes with a handmade storage bag perfectly sized. The bag is a source of protection for your quilt, to make sure that the colors and materials last a lifetime.