Hermitage Handmade Festival 2023
On Sept 16, 2023 I was at the Hermitage Handmade Festival in Norfolk, VA. I loaded my van the day before, which always takes all day long. I set out early on Saturday morning...
Creating "Out of Darkness"

This vision of darkness surrounding kept playing around in my head for months, but it wasn't just the darkness. It was the two birds that had their wings flying upward and out of the darkness, in this lap size quilt.



Behind the Seams of "Guatemala Meets America"

"Guatemala Meets America" was a quilt that took me out of my comfort zone to work with colors I don't normally work with. 

The inspiration for this quilt came as a way to honor the heritage of my Guatemalan neighbors before we moved from Washington to Virginia in August 2020.

I found pictures of the traditional dresses...

Behind the Seams- "The Classic"

Before creating "The Classic" quilt, I knew I wanted to offer a traditional style quilt.

While designing it, I knew it had to have a pattern that was typical of quilts 100 years ago, as well as the colors and prints that were common during that time.

This block is an "Irish Chain" block with the center pieces modified just a bit to give the quilt a bit more variation when gazing upon it. 

Behind the Seams of "The Love Birds"
I love making the "Flying Geese" which are the triangles of pinks and magentas with the white or grey background. I love the irony of this block being a bird related block for a quilt that is all about birds. 
A Dream Realized
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