Behind the Seams of "Guatemala Meets America"

"Guatemala Meets America" was a quilt that took me out of my comfort zone to work with colors I don't normally work with. 

The inspiration for this quilt came as a way to honor the heritage of my Guatemalan neighbors before we moved from Washington to Virginia in August 2020.

I found pictures of the traditional dresses that this culture wears and noticed how it would look beautiful as a quilt pattern. It had beautiful strips making a rainbow of dark colors mixed with small strips of light colors. From that idea a quilt was born. 

The inspiration for the top quilting was a swirl and loop pattern that was for emphasizing the multiple width strips. I wanted something that would create more movement in the quilt overall. 

Inside is a warm yet lightweighcotton/polyester batting. The backing is a super soft woven cotton that has a stripe pattern fabric, which mirrors the front colors. 

This quilt is a Limited Edition since the fabric is no longer in stock and I won't be able to make more. 

It is available in Lap size.

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