Behind the Seams- "The Classic"

Before creating "The Classic" quilt, I knew I wanted to offer a traditional style quilt.

While designing it, I knew it had to have a pattern that was typical of quilts 100 years ago, as well as the colors and prints that were common during that time.

This block is an "Irish Chain" block with the center pieces modified just a bit to give the quilt a bit more variation when gazing upon it. 

I used reproduction fabrics like this dark indigo blue with dainty flower fabric and an off-white small leaf print fabric to give the quilt that old time look. 

Because of the simplicity of the pattern I wanted to make the top quilting really highlight the white space with a beautiful flower. I placed an X design in the blue squares so it would give the illusion of an overall connection with the other squares giving it a secondary pattern.

I used 100% Premium cotton batting that is thicker than most cotton batting because of its heavy weight and added warmth. 

The backing has a natural solid color, so as to not over-power the sense of calm this quilt brings to the bedroom.

It is available in Baby-King sizes. The baby and crib size quilts are also available in a pink version for those sweet baby girls. 

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