Quilting as "Functional Art"


Quilting as an art form is thousands of years old, and is present in cultures around the world. One of the oldest quilted garments is depicted on a carving of an Egyptian Pharaoh dated around 3,400 B.C., and quilted floor mats from 100-200 A.D have been found in Mongolia.

Quilting in America is as old as the first colonies. Women would use scraps from old clothing, towels, or dresses to create a patchwork quilt deep with meaning through the fabrics and patterns used.

Quilting was means of artistic expression in a time of hard work and homemaking.

"Quilting was a means of
aristic expression"

This photograph taken in 1940 depicts Mrs. Bill Stagg of Pie Town, New Mexico. She is holding a quilt embroidered with all the state flowers of the United States.

Image adapted from a digitized copy of Russell Lee's original photo taken in October, 1940. Library of Congress Call No. LC-USF35-334


Part of what set traditional quilts apart was their utility. Young girls were introduced to quilting to develop their sewing skills. Fabrics were recycled from worn clothing or other textiles. And the quilts were then used. They were put on beds, used in carriages and wagons, and possibly even helped signal safety on the Underground Railroad. They were artistic expressions, but they weren't just looked at. They were used.

Functional Art.

Carrying on the Tradition

This deep appreciation for the legacy of quilting as Functional Art is a core piece of the Delightfully Quilted story. From the very beginning stages of building the brand the principle of Functional Art defined decisions - what fabrics, what colors, how will they be used.

In everything we have worked to carry on the tradition of those who came before. Just as they infused their quilting with beauty and meaning, we very intentionally select materials, patterns, and colors of our quilts to inspire feelings of joy and contentment. And just as their quilts were made to be used, ours are made with high-quality materials and skilled construction to make sure you will get many years of love and use from your quilt.

Our purpose is to continue sowing seeds of beauty into the world through handmade, high-quality quilts - functional art pieces that will serve you and your family for a lifetime.

"We have worked to
Carry on the Tradition"

Functional Art is our ideal.

Sowing Beauty is our purpose.