Why we picked



Two simple words

Sowing Beauty.

Two words that embody much of what Delightfully Quilted is all about.

It's a mission statement. It's fun. It's simple. It is pleasant to hear.

It's a mission statement in that Delightfully Quilted exists to create more beauty in the world, in the same way that a farmer scatters seed to create new life. The flower sprouting out of the motto is a symbol of the idea that scattering seed and making quilts both create beauty in the world.

It's fun - a play on words (sowing, sewing) - and 'fun' is a big part of my personality.

It's simple, just like 'simple beauty' is a defining characteristic of my style.

And it's pleasant to hear, just like my art is pleasant to look at. Simple, beautiful, pleasing.

There was much brainstorming about the motto. And in the end, Sowing Beauty was perfect.