Created as a way to serve those who are unable to make a quilt, Delightfully Quilted was founded on having quilts readily available in baby through king sizes and made to fit with the style and décor of your traditional or modern home.

I have designed each size to fit specific needs for the user, from the small size of the "baby" to fit perfectly in a stroller or car seat to the larger bed sizes that are large enough for any height bed.

It is my mission to sow beauty through quilts. It is my passion to bring you high quality handmade functional art pieces. And it is my vision to build a community of artists sowing seeds of beauty with me.



From my experience as a hairstylist, to my love of gardening, creating beauty has been central to my passion and purpose in life. That is why "Sowing Beauty" became our tagline - not just because of the wordplay with 'sewing', but as a farmer scatters seed in hopes of transforming his ground into a source of life, so we take fabric, batting, and thread to make art that become a source of joy in the lives of others.


As my experiences as a hairstylist and gardener revealed the centrality of beauty, it is my experience as a mother that has elevated the importance of quality. I knew that any quilt made to be used, especially in a home with children, must be of the highest quality materials and construction. The quilts must be able to withstand repeated washings and stand up to all the 'love' that children give them.


Finally, my experiences as a quilter have led to a deep appreciation of the quilting community. It is my vision to value these artists in my community by growing a team - a team of artists who can contribute to new designs, whose experiences can shape our vision, and who will join our mission to sow beauty into the world through locally hand-made, high quality quilts.


To build a team of artists that will join our mission to sow beauty into the world.

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From concept to creation, see how Delightfully Quilted came to be despite the challenges of starting a business as a homeschooling mom of five.

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