Cabin in the Garden

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This Quilt is Made-to-Order. Please allow 6-8 weeks to create your quilt.

This joyful, modern-traditional style quilt reminds me of a little cabin in the countryside surrounded by the bounty of a diligent hardworking gardener.

The fabric came together by the inspiration of the center square. This fabric is from a well-known designer called Kaffe Fassett. He designed the fabric with all the many fruits of summer in mind. I love how there are bits of grapes, peaches, melons, and other fruits and flowers. The solid fabrics pull the colors from the center square. The orange peach and purple berry colors go from light to dark as they drift away from the center square. The backing is a deep purple.

The top quilting echoes the log rectangles. I wanted a simple pattern to create a sense of peace as you gaze upon it.

Inside is a perfectly warm, heavy-weight cotton wool batting to keep warm on cold evenings. It also helps to highlight the top quilting.

The binding is machine top quilted for added strength.

Created as a lap size 45”x 60” this is a perfect fit for fitting over your upper waist and feet. Finally, a throw that is big enough to actually keep you warm! I love the bright bold colors. It would be a great focal piece in a living room or draped over the foot of the bed to bring beauty to your bedroom.

This quilt includes:

• Heirloom Quality Construction using Designer Fabrics & Machine Top-Quilting

• Handmade in the USA with a Fair Wage

• Fully Machine Washable

 Color-Catcher for First Wash - prevents Dark Colors from bleeding into light 

 Care Instruction Magnet for your washer 

• Storage Bag 

 Shipping Insurance on All Orders

And a Lifetime of Delight!

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The chart below shows the approximate dimensions for each quilt size. The image depicts each size relative to the others.



Baby Size  27in x 30in (69cm x 76cm)
Crib Size 30in x 42in (76cm x 107cm)
Lap Size 45in x 60in (114cm x 152cm)
Twin Size 66in x 88in (168cm x 224cm)
Queen Size 88in x 88in (224cm x 224cm)
King Size 108in x 108in (274cm x 274cm)

*Dimensions are approximate. Individual quilt dimensions may vary.

Delightfully Quilted Size Comparisons for Baby, Crib, Lap, Twin, Queen, and King Sizes

Don't see your size listed, wondering about the difference between baby and crib size, or just want to know more about how we picked these dimensions? Scroll down the page to see a detailed description for each size!


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Learn what goes into a quilt, see the versatility of our sizes, and watch how your quilt is packaged.

what makes a quilt...a quilt?

This diagram shows all the parts of a quilt.

Each quilt top has a uniqueness that only comes with hand-piecing a top together.

And when the beautiful quilt top is combined with a soft, warm batting and a premium cotton or cotton-linen backing, the result is a unique work of art.

How do our quilts measure up?

One reality about the quilt industry is that there are no 'standard' sizes. Crib and Baby sizes are often used interchangeably and are often both bigger than a crib. And many quilt makers and pattern designers offer just a 'bed size' option.

That is why we made an effort to clearly define our sizes, and why we picked them:

Small enough for the swing
Baby Size

Crafted with a tiny baby in mind, this size is made for use in car seats, strollers, play mats, and parent-baby snuggles. At 27 in. x 30in., it is small enough to fit properly without being too bulky for your new baby.

Bonus Feature: This size also works well as a wall hanging - no babies required to bring this beautiful quilt home.

Not intended for use in a crib

What I love: My favorite thing about this size is the versatility. I use it on cold mornings while I’m nursing the baby and then again in the afternoon while going on a stroller walk. It is so rewarding to have something beautiful to snuggle with my baby.


A Quilt that fits in the bed
Crib Size

At 32 in. x 45 in. this quilt fits within the side rails of a crib so that making the bed is a breeze, even for your child.

Bonus Feature: As your child grows, this quilt works perfectly as a lap blanket sized just for them. *Not intended for use in a crib for children under one year old.

What I love: As a mom of 5, I found it frustrating that so many crib quilts were mis-shaped and wouldn’t really fit in a crib. I wanted something that could easily lay flat and look beautiful throughout the day. This crib quilt is the perfect fit.


A handmade, heirloom, patchwork of pink and magenta flying geese on a grey/gray background with floral prints, watercolor bird fabric, magenta backing, straight line top quilting, machine top stitched binding, on this lap size quilt
warm your feet in style
Lap size

Designed to fit perfectly over your feet and up to half (or more) of your upper body, depending on your height, this 45 in. x 60 in. quilt will keep you warm while relaxing.

Each combination of color and pattern is crafted to be a stunning focal piece in your living room or bedroom.

Bonus Feature: If your child is outgrowing their crib size quilt, but a twin is too big for their toddler bed, the lap size is the perfect transition quilt!

What I love: I love the bright cheerful colors of the lap quilts. They bring so much joy as I snuggle under them. So many throw blankets don’t fit over your feet, which is why my favorite part of this size is that it is long enough to keep your body warm.


When the baby gets bigger
twin size

The perfect size for your older child or young adult's bed, this 66 in. x 88 in. quilt drapes about 14 in. off either side of the bed.

The quilt will fit an extra long twin bed (just less tuck under the end) and will also fit a double/full bed with about in. of drape to either side.

Bonus Feature: Besides making a great blanket fort, this size can also be used as an accent piece on double/full, queen, or king size beds - simply fold into thirds lengthwise at the foot of the bed.

What I love: I love that my children have something beautiful on their bed, and that is really special to them. It is something they will keep well into adulthood because of its timeless appeal.

treat your bed like royalty
queen size

Designed to be a beautiful addition to your queen size bed, this quilt has about 14 in. of drape to either side of the bed.

This quilt can also be used for a double/full bed with a bit more drape- perfect for taller bed frames or mattresses.

What I love: I love the pop of color this brings to a room, especially for the guests that come to visit. It is so great to make my guests feel special when they rest under it.


a quilt fit for a (california) king
king size

Truly an impressive quilt, the 108 in. x 108 in. king is sure to give your master bed that 'wow' factor you're looking for. The large size means that there is plenty of drape along both sides and the foot of both a standard king or a California king size bed.

What I love: I love coming into my bedroom throughout the day and seeing this magnificent quilt. The beautiful fabrics mixed with a stunning pattern just bring a sense of peace and joy as I gaze upon it.

a delightful unboxing experience

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