Framed "Out of Darkness" Wall Hangings

While I was creating the "Out of Darkness" lap quilt, I decided to make a couple of bird blocks that were a smaller version of the same concept of the lap quilt-

"The vision of darkness surrounding me kept playing around in my head for months, but it wasn't just the darkness- it was the two birds that had wings flying upward and out of the darkness, too. It was this message of  hope that whatever you might be going through, despite the darkness surrounding you, you too can fly out of the darkness."

a blue bird, hand quilted with a black background on a wooden frame

The construction of these blocks was in the same way as the lap quilt, using a quilting technique called foundation paper piecing. I had my husband create this bird pattern for me in a computer program. Then it was printed onto special paper to sew it together without dulling the sewing machine needle. 

A pink quilted bird on a black background fabric attached with a wooden framed

For the top quilting, I decided to hand quilt it using a thicker metallic thread. I really love how it makes it looks like rain droplets.

The wooden framed quilted block

I decided that this block would look best on a wooden frame. I made the quilt block slightly bigger on the sides so that I could turn over the edges on the back and staple them down. 

To finish it off I labeled its name, my signature, and the date. 

I think it would be a great piece to display in a place where you might need that extra push to remind yourself to keep rising UP "Out of the Darkness". 

Click to View "Out of Darkness" Framed Quilts

Click to view "Out of Darkness, Lap Quilt

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